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Popular Destinations Nearby

At Westgate Grand Central Hotel, there are several different types of popular destinations nearby. Its great location in midtown Manhattan at the Grand Central Terminal allows its guests to travel anywhere. The hotel even has a boarding pass printing service for the convenience of their guests. One can save time and travel nearby to several tourist attractions. One can book their hotel room at This includes monuments like The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, Grand Central Station, Times Square, Rockefeller Centre and Brooklyn Bridge. There are also many good museums like Transit Museum Gallery in New York, Museum of Tolerance, ACK Museum of The Dog, The Morgan Library and Museum, Neuberger Museum of Art, and more. Empire State Building: • The Empire State Building attained its name from the nickname of New York, 'Empire State.' It stands tall at 443.2 meters high with 102 floors. It was the first building that had more than a hundred floors. • It was once the world's tallest building on 11th April 1931, when it finished construction. It became the second tallest in 1970, with the World Trade Centre surpassing it in height. But it is now the 49th tallest in the world. • The plans for this building were changed 15 times from 50 floors to 60 floors, then 80 floors to eventually 102 floors. It was done to ensure that the building would be the world's tallest. Central Park: • The Central Park was opened up to the public in 1858. It is 843 acres or 341 hectares. • This urban park is the most visited park in the USA and the most filmed location in the country. • It has many sceneries landscapes like Ramble and Lake and Sheep Meadow. Brooklyn Bridge: • The Brooklyn Bridge in New York is 25.9 meters wide and supports six lanes of cars. It is a hybrid bridge that uses both cables and suspensions to support this weight. • The Bridge stretches 1,833.7 meters in length from Manhattan Island and Long Island in Brooklyn. It crossed the East River and was the first bridge to do so. • It was opened up for public use on 24th May 1883, which is 138 years ago. During this time, it was the longest suspension bridge ever built. The opening of the bridge made the newspaper headlines. Thousands of people attended the opening, along with the New York major Franklin Edson. The US president at the time, Chester A. Arthur, was also there.