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Why go for Sterling Silver ring

Jewelry is not just part of your costume but it also reflects your personality, so when you purchase jewelry you should be very particular about it. No matter what, you buy Wholesale Moonstone jewelry of which mineral it should be fancy, beautiful, and durable. Nowadays, there are plenty of minerals as well as designs both traditional and modern. Talking about silver jewelry, the trend of silver jewelry was always in action. Especially the silver rings, it comes in numerous styles, shapes which enhance its beauty and with the properties of the silver. They are worn by both males and females and the most important thing is that they never come in the very showy manner you want. Then you can purchase a simple silver ring also for daily use. People who haven’t worn silver for a single time surely must be thinking about many questions. Don’t worry I will clear all your doubts. Is the Sterling silver ring durable? The stability and durability of the substance depends on how you keep the thing, if you will maintain it and keep it securely then it will be preserved. The same thing is with silver rings, if you intend to wear them for daily use then they may last for 20-30 years. Whereas if you want to wear it occasionally then it will last forever. It all depends upon how you keep your ring, if you are taking care of it and maintaining it then it will remain the same, otherwise it may get ruined in no time. Forever is a long time if you are getting a chance that your jewelry can remain as it is by taking few precautions then why not just follow it and preserve the thing which is yours. Can you wear sterling silver in water? The answer to this question is NO, if you wear a Sterling silver ring with water then it can tarnish your ring as well as after some time it can also turn your finger green. Water and salt can ruin the quality of the ring, however, in sterling silver there is a presence of 92.3% and the remaining percentage is made up of metals to increase the durability of the ring, silver but using it in water can result in falling of its quality. But in case you come in contact with the water wearing your ring then don’t panic immediately, it causes the effects when you are in the water for a longer duration.