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What is called DEX exchanges?

If you are wondering what a DEX exchange is, then you have come to the right place because here we are going to explain to you everything about DEX and why they are so popular among the new as well as the old crypto investors. DEX can also be called a Decentralized Exchange, and its short form or abbreviation is known as DEX. This is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows the transaction to be done between the two private parties. The asset exchange or the exchange of crypto is decentralized. This means that they do not have any kind of headquarter or a field quarter. This acts as an exchange platform where everything happens on the internet, and the best thing is that there will be no interference with what is happening and even no intermediary involved. Due to this reason, there had been many questions that the people had done to the authorities saying that the traditional exchanges were all done under someone watching and their information was being shared with a 3rd party company. Some intermediaries used to help the people to take the crypto that they want and the place from where they got the crypto the company would give commission to the middle man for taking the crypto from their company. In the traditional, there was nothing called an anonymous owner and also an anonymous dealer because the middle man used to know everything about the company as well as the owner of the crypto along with the date and also the amount of crypto that was bought. Due to this reason, many people had revolted, and they had to create the first-ever decentralized exchange system where there were only two parties, and both of them would be anonymous. The DEX system has known to be the best because it has saved many people from getting scammed and also fraud while taking crypto. Another thing is that with the DEX system, you can control and also manage your whole account by yourself, and you can either take help, or else you can do everything yourself. If you want the best DEX exchange system or the website, then you can visit the Octo crypto website where you can get all of these things for a lower price than the market and also, there are no supervisors, and also there are no heads in the DEX system.