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UK Gambling Commission Self-Exclusion Scheme

The UK Gambling Commission has recently launched a new scheme, which is known as the "Self-Exclusion Policy." This policy was first introduced back in 2018 and aimed to regulate online gaming in the UK. Over the years, it has seen a number of issues raised, which have been discussed below. As per the latest consultation, it has been decided that a series of changes will be made to the Self-Exclusion Policy. This policy is developed to help gamblers curb down their gambling addiction. However, sometimes players are illegally added to the list to block their gambling accounts. If you are facing the same problem and want to still gamble online, you can visit At this site, you will get reviews of top international casinos which are not on Gamstop. First of all, it is worth noting that the Self-Exclusion policy was initially introduced in order to curb the growing problem of online gambling. It was done by ensuring that online gamblers were not permitted to gamble at online casinos where they had obtained a license or had been a member of an approved body. It is perhaps a surprise, but in reality, many UK gamblers are licensed to gamble at online casinos, and there is no real need for the policy to be introduced anymore. There is no longer any need for the UK Gambling Commission to force gaming operators to ensure that members of the public are not permitted to gamble at their establishments. They have sufficient controls in place already, which would mean that such a move would actually be counterproductive. One of the reasons that the UK Gambling Commission felt that it was necessary to introduce this policy was because of the relatively sudden growth in the number of people who were starting to play online. At the start of the last decade, online casinos in the UK accounted for less than one percent of the total take-in from the gambling industry. The growth in broadband connections across the UK has also meant that online gambling has become more accessible to people from all sorts of backgrounds. However, another reason that online casinos have become so popular has been the implementation of the "self-exclusion" rule, whereby online gamblers can limit the amount of money they spend on UK gambling online by setting a ceiling for their betting or casino play. It's a system that is designed to help ensure that the "average Joe" doesn't get ahead of himself and starts to gamble more, so if you're going to get involved with online casinos, the self-exclusion rule is a good way to start out.