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Origin of Garden Gnomes

The origin of garden gnomes is a subject of great debate among certain circles of interest. Two opposing camps believe that these funny little figurines first hit the world in Germany, possibly as early as the 1400s. On one camp, Germany claims that they first invented them, and the Swiss also making similar claims about the same. On the other side of the argument, Italy contends that the first gnomes were not in any way German but rather Italian in origin. It has been theorized that gnomes were originally created as a type of protection from evil spirits, particularly from witch doctors who might be creating them to take power from the people they were inhabiting. The source of the first gnome figurine is also the subject of great debate. Some believe that it was modeled after the ancient Chinese gnomes that are popular today. Others believe that it was modeled after the modern-day gnomes that are typically seen in Italian gardens. Regardless of which origin of garden gnomes you believe, there is no disputing that these funny little figurines have become an integral part of many Italian gardens. The origin of garden gnomes can also be traced back to Egypt. Many of the figures that were found in the tombs of pharaohs have been identified as gnome names. In fact, many of the tombs that have been discovered have gnome names carved into them, including King Ajax and his wife, Nefertari. The Egyptians were not the only culture in the Mediterranean world to use gnome names for their rulers; even so, it seems to have taken hold in Italy after the 1400s. The origins of garden gnomes also include the Middle East. Like Egypt, they were used to represent noms in the courts of Kings. The most notable example of this is King Hamil's gnome, Ankhes of Nineveh. She was a princess and was depicted as a lovely woman dressed in blue, wearing a long gown and carrying a scepter. The image of Ankhes as a gnome was used by artists to illustrate scenes in the Bible that include the Garden of Eden and the city of Nineveh. The origins of lawn gnomes maybe even further back in time. Their popularity is attributed to their resemblance to dwarf bugs and their ability to jump. These characteristics made them very easy to decorate with items such as beards origin of garden gnomes or straws. The lawn gnome enjoyed a two-year reign over Egypt from ca. 2500 B.C. Optionally, when Cleopatra became queen of Egypt. Get gnomes of your choice at