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Prevent eating and drinking accidents in advance through pre-verification!

There are about 300 Toto sites in operation in 2019 and 2020, and more than 80% of them have degenerated into scam sites. In addition, it was estimated that the amount of money eaten by the members reached about 4 billion won. That means that you are not free from financial accidents in the process of using the Toto site. So, why do scams happen?

The reason lies in the profit structure of the Toto site. It takes about 50 million won to open one Toto site. Among them, solution cost and office rental cost are included. Due to the nature of the site, most servers are operated abroad. Therefore, it takes a huge amount of money to open a site. The expenses incurred must be made up with the loss amount of the members. When a large number of winners occur or a large bettor wins, a situation arises where the door must be closed in that state. For this reason, financial accidents occur.

To use a safe site, how long the site is maintained is an important factor, there are simple ways to prevent accidents in advance.

1. Do not use unknown sites.- The major sites often refer to are already famous among members. There are cases where most of the members use the newly created site because it provides many unexpected events. This is never the right way. The more new the site, the higher the probability of an accident because the capital is weak.

2. Do not use sites that have been invited to join through spam text messages or direct messages. - Those who have used the Toto site at least once will receive a subscription request message from many Toto sites as their personal information is leaked. This is a common marketing tactic of distributors who do multiple promotions, and it is not a safe method.

3. Do not use sites that offer high odds.- All domestic sports events are paid out by an overseas dividend expert. Ignoring this and recruiting members with the promotion of providing an excessive dividend rate is the intention of recruiting members in a short time and trying to devour them.

4. Do not use sites that provide excessive events.- The Toto site is operated through the loss of members to the last. Providing excessive events means that they will operate the site while taking their losses into account.